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Campus Crusade for Christ

Campus Crusade for Christ
We help to fulfil the Great Commission in the power of the Holy Spirit by exposing people to the claims of Christ, winning people to faith in Jesus Christ, building them in their faith and sending them to win and disciple others.”

Helping to fulfil the Great Commission in the power of the Holy Spirit by winning people to faith in Jesus Christ, building them in their faith and sending them to win and build others; and helping the Body of Christ do evangelism and discipleship. 



CBN AfricaCBN Africa 
East and Southern, a division of CBN (Christian Broadcasting Network), is a multi platform Christian television ministry and a multi-faceted non-profit organization that serves over 200 countries as well as provides prayer and humanitarian support.

Within this region, some 40 television stations broadcast
programs produced by CBN such as The 700 Club, Turning Point and Superbook to a potential audience of over 120 million viewers

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Christ for all Nations - SA
CfaN is the evangelistic ministry of Reinhard Bonnke and Daniel Kolenda. The ministry says that it is engaged in "REAL, MEANINGFUL and MEASURABLE MINISTRY that’s producing CONFIRMABLE and ETERNAL RESULTS".

Christian Art

Christian Art Media
Christian Art Media is a division of Christian Art Distributors who has for over 35 years been a distributor of Christian content into the South African market. It is the mission of Christian Art to distribute content which leads people to Christ and grows their relationship with Him.


CMD Entertainment Africa 
CMD Entertainment Africa is a proudly South African company, based in Pretoria, which focuses on the acquisition and distribution of recorded music, filmed entertainment, merchandise and gifts. Headed by CEO John Venter, our team has over 17 years of expertise in the aquisition and distribution market, and is continually making waves and staying on top of the latest trends.Supported by a wealth of knowledge and relationships across all rights services, from Theatrical, Home Entertainment, Television, Video-On-Demand and all new media rights, let CMD Entertainment Africa distribute for you.

face to Face

Face to Face Media
Face to Face is a South African magazine that was conceptualised in the mid 90’s with a view to serving the broader Christian community as well as discerning non-Christians searching for the deeper meaning of life and how to face the many challenging issues of practical living.

As interest in the magazine grew the Face to Face team recognised the need to complement the magazine with a daily radio programme, reaching a wider audience through the medium of Christian and community based radio stations, within appropriately identified areas in suburban South Africa.

Family Action South Africa

Family Action South Africa
Family Action South Africa is an organization of lay Catholics concerned about the moral crisis shaking the foundations of our societies. This organization is a civic, cultural, and nonpartisan non profit organization, drawing its inspiration from the doctrines of the Catholic Church. The association advances its goals through the promotion of the religious teachings, tenets, doctrines, morals, and observances of the Roman Catholic Church and their application to individuals, families, and society at large. Foremost in this regard is the defence and nurturing of the family institution - the "mother cell" of society - so degraded and assailed today by a multitude of evils.

Focus on the Family

Focus On The Family
Focus On The Family provides care, advice, support and encouragement for families at every stage of life. They provide valuable and relevant seminars, outreach programmes, resources on an array of important issues, personal counselling and prayer support, and much more, they aim to be the place families turn to for trusted help and encouragement!

Headlight Media

Headlight Media
HEADLIGHT is both a MARKETING / ADVERTISING agency and PRODUCTION house, offering clients the added benefit of keeping their advertising & media management under one roof.
​They are a group of passionate individuals who find great joy in what we do.


Heartlines is an award-winning NGO that promotes real values-based change. Instead of focusing on what people are doing wrong, their first objective is to support the people and organisations that are committed to doing the right thing. Their second objective is to grow the next generation of ethical citizens by focusing on young people.


Joyce Meyer Ministries

Joyce Meyer Ministries South Africa
Joyce Meyer Ministries is called to share the Gospel and extend the love of Christ. Through media we teach people how to apply biblical truth to every aspect of their lives and encourage God's people to serve the world around them. Joyce Meyer Ministries is built on a foundation of faith, integrity and dedicated supporters who share this call.

Kenneth Copeland Ministries

Kenneth Copeland Ministries
Kenneth Copeland Ministries is committed to preach the uncompromised Word of God, proclaiming the truth of God's Word and His unconditional love. Over the years, they have delivered Bible-based teaching articles about faith, love, healing, prosperity, redemption, righteousness, the anointing and the principles of victorious Christian living.

Mega Voice

The MegaVoice audio Bible became a reality allows non-readers on every continent to have access to the Scriptures in their own language, in a form they can readily understand. MegaVoice produces an ever-expanding line of solar  powered digital audio players. MegaVoice are designed to best suit the unique  requirements of ministries distributing them. MegaVoice is also home to an expansive Scripture audio library with 14,000 Scripture titles in 4,615 languages and dialects. Scripture titles, with playback times ranging from a few minutes to 320 hours duration, can be loaded onto the growing line of digital audio players.

New Heart

New Heart 
The New Heart Foundation focuses on four strategic values: honesty, compassion, responsibility and self- control. These values summarize the spectrum of value-based challenges we struggle with. Various nuances come to mind and are being addressed in a quarterly focus all across South Africa.


Passion for Sport 
PASSION FOR SPORT uses media to introduce sports fans to Jesus Christ. As well as touching fans through our three websites and social media we are producing two weekly radio programmes - PLANET SPORT a multi-sport (15 mins.) programme, and PLANET SPORT FOOTBALL AFRICA (30 mins.). In addition audio & video material is available from major sporting events eg. Olympic Games, FIFA World Cup, consisting of News, comment and interviews with top sportsmen and women sharing their Christian faith and life experiences 

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Radio Africa Network
(RAN) is a network of churches, organizations and individuals who share a vision to use radio as a means of evangelization. 

RAN was launched at GCOWE'97 (Global Consultation on World Evangelism 1997). Radio Africa Network is non-denominational, multicultural and Pan African.

RAN has adopted the Lausanne Covenant as its Statement of Faith.

St James Church Ministry1

ST James Radio Ministry
Bishop Frank established St James Church in 1968. The ministry supplies material (free of charge) to 19 Radio stations across the country and 5 further a field being Uganda, Burundi, Cameroon, Zambia and a recent addition of the island of St Helena. There are half hour talks and a recent new addition to that are our short 4/5 minute talks that Bishop Frank records fresh every few weeks. We have English talks by a dedicated man of God in simple easy to understand English that even our Afrikaans stations can and do use. 
Contact 0215343036

Walk Thru The Bible

Walk Thru The Bible
Walk Thru the Bible serves the Body of Christ with LifeChanging Bible tools and training. Their vision is to see every community in Southern Africa impacted through serving the Body of Christ with LifeChanging Bible tools and training. They want to see the lost found and the found are matured.


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Zion Evangelical Ministries
Arising out of our history, ministry, and contacts in Southern Africa ZEMA has a unique opportunity to fulfill a special vision and purpose...

Vision - That the amaZioni people of Southern Africa become soundly Biblical in their beliefs and practices.

Purpose - To Know God and to make him known, particularly among the amaZioni of the African Independent Churches.




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Bophelo FM
What will the organisation do when it is set up: Bophelo Fm will broadcast the joyful message of reconciliation between God and the people, communicating  the message of hope, healing and reconciliation in society, emphasizing Christian values for the building up of families and promoting racial harmoy in diversity on the basis of Christian love and common Africans,Promoting communication and dialogue on community issues with local government and other organisations. Providing resources for Christian churches and organization for the building up of the Christian communities in the coverage area of Mangaung metro municipality in Free State,promoting harmony and cooperation between churches and partnership in mission and outreach,promoting the churches life programs and services to the community.
How far are you on your journey to getting up and running: We are done with our paperwork ,we have already have freguency from sentech. We are waiting for moratorium to send our application form to Icasa.
How can other members help: Any one who can check if our paper is up to standard.
Contact:Tebogo Seeco


             DVine FM 2

D'Vine FM is a Christian radio station based in Ennerdale South of Johannesburg, a station that will bring inspiration to the community. We are a Christian radio station inspired by Christian values. We are also the first station located in the South side of Johannesburg namely Ennerdale, Lawley and surrounding areas.            

D'Vine FM is currently a streaming radio station, we want to broadcast to the surrounding area, we believe that the station will play a vital role in the community by addressing issues that not only effects the individual but the whole community. As a station we want to provide information that is relevant to the community, and inspire them to live a life of purpose as God has intended us to, therefore restore individuals, families and communities to have hope. D'Vine FM's focus is youth driven in terms of the Urban Gospel Music we play as well as our content.

Contact Danzel Mohamed - 011 211 2450 / 073 154 2534. Website:


(Garden Route Arts, Communication, and Education)
What will the organisation do when it is set up: Streaming radio station, future FM and streaming.
How far are you on your journey to getting up and running The internet stream is about a month old and is growing in content and scope.
How can other members help: Other members can help who have similar internet streaming experience and have started a small Christian community-style station, a growing understanding of Christian music recordings and literature generated within South Africa in English, Afrikaans and Xhosa.
Contact: Phil Golson



Vuya FM

What will the Organisation do when it is set up: Vuya FM will broadcast to the district of Bizana.

How far are you on your journey to getting up and running: We are currently encountering problems with Sentech and setting up our broadcasting signal.

Contact: Eric Bongoza

 Thechristiannews              Thechristiannews

Christian news is the first Christian newspaper in South Africa. We are an independent newspaper, not affiliated to any denomination (church). Our mission is to interact with Christians across the board and share their testimonies and great things that God is doing in their lives without discrimination.
Based in Northcliff, Johannesburg.

The Christian News is currently primarily on internet, but we hope to distribute via print in future.



Radio Grace, Nampula, Mozambique.

What will the organization do when it is set up: The first thing that our organization will do after it establishement: is focus on what is our two year business plan, to focus into the vision to preach the Gospel promoting workshops to our community.
How far are you on your journey to getting up and running: To get running process we still behind because we are waiting some of organization to give us the hand in times of studios tramsmiters in other words the equipments of the station. So we still running slowly.
How can other members help: The help of other members is what we need the most..they can help us in anything that they can affort as I told you ,the step of ou project or the stage of ou organizatio they can help us through training ,matrial of the studio or equipments anything, we will appreciate. they are wellcome.
Contact: Romeno Alberto - 848299047 ... 820637994

Radio Messenger Broadcast Association
What the organization will do when it is set up: Radio Messenger in the beginning of our mission to transmit the gospel of the Kingdom of God, Through Radio we want to reach millions of people, Making disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ by Radio in Mozambique.
How far you are on your journey to start working: Very soon the station will be waiting in the air to obtain the frequency and the license is a process that involves four bureaucratic aspects: Finally, the Council of Ministers approves and signs the process and makes the necessary decisions.
How other members can help: We will appreciate the help of other members of the ACM in Prayer for the ongoing process and bless the overall budget of the tower building of Radio Messenger and can help us create and develop Radio Messenger website.
Contact: Clemente Nicolaus Matimba,