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Bophelo FM
What will the organisation do when it is set up: Bophelo Fm will broadcast the joyful message of reconciliation between God and the people, communicating  the message of hope, healing and reconciliation in society, emphasizing Christian values for the building up of families and promoting racial harmoy in diversity on the basis of Christian love and common Africans,Promoting communication and dialogue on community issues with local government and other organisations. Providing resources for Christian churches and organization for the building up of the Christian communities in the coverage area of Mangaung metro municipality in Free State,promoting harmony and cooperation between churches and partnership in mission and outreach,promoting the churches life programs and services to the community.
How far are you on your journey to getting up and running: We are done with our paperwork ,we have already have freguency from sentech. We are waiting for moratorium to send our application form to Icasa.
How can other members help: Any one who can check if our paper is up to standard.
Contact:Tebogo Seeco


             DVine FM 2

D'Vine FM is a Christian radio station based in Ennerdale South of Johannesburg, a station that will bring inspiration to the community. We are a Christian radio station inspired by Christian values. We are also the first station located in the South side of Johannesburg namely Ennerdale, Lawley and surrounding areas.            

D'Vine FM is currently a streaming radio station, we want to broadcast to the surrounding area, we believe that the station will play a vital role in the community by addressing issues that not only effects the individual but the whole community. As a station we want to provide information that is relevant to the community, and inspire them to live a life of purpose as God has intended us to, therefore restore individuals, families and communities to have hope. D'Vine FM's focus is youth driven in terms of the Urban Gospel Music we play as well as our content.

Contact Danzel Mohamed - 011 211 2450 / 073 154 2534. Website:


(Garden Route Arts, Communication, and Education)
What will the organisation do when it is set up: Streaming radio station, future FM and streaming.
How far are you on your journey to getting up and running The internet stream is about a month old and is growing in content and scope.
How can other members help: Other members can help who have similar internet streaming experience and have started a small Christian community-style station, a growing understanding of Christian music recordings and literature generated within South Africa in English, Afrikaans and Xhosa.
Contact: Phil Golson



Vuya FM

What will the Organisation do when it is set up: Vuya FM will broadcast to the district of Bizana.

How far are you on your journey to getting up and running: We are currently encountering problems with Sentech and setting up our broadcasting signal.

Contact: Eric Bongoza

 Thechristiannews              Thechristiannews

Christian news is the first Christian newspaper in South Africa. We are an independent newspaper, not affiliated to any denomination (church). Our mission is to interact with Christians across the board and share their testimonies and great things that God is doing in their lives without discrimination.
Based in Northcliff, Johannesburg.

The Christian News is currently primarily on internet, but we hope to distribute via print in future.



Radio Grace, Nampula, Mozambique.

What will the organization do when it is set up: The first thing that our organization will do after it establishement: is focus on what is our two year business plan, to focus into the vision to preach the Gospel promoting workshops to our community.
How far are you on your journey to getting up and running: To get running process we still behind because we are waiting some of organization to give us the hand in times of studios tramsmiters in other words the equipments of the station. So we still running slowly.
How can other members help: The help of other members is what we need the most..they can help us in anything that they can affort as I told you ,the step of ou project or the stage of ou organizatio they can help us through training ,matrial of the studio or equipments anything, we will appreciate. they are wellcome.
Contact: Romeno Alberto - 848299047 ... 820637994

Radio Messenger Broadcast Association
What the organization will do when it is set up: Radio Messenger in the beginning of our mission to transmit the gospel of the Kingdom of God, Through Radio we want to reach millions of people, Making disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ by Radio in Mozambique.
How far you are on your journey to start working: Very soon the station will be waiting in the air to obtain the frequency and the license is a process that involves four bureaucratic aspects: Finally, the Council of Ministers approves and signs the process and makes the necessary decisions.
How other members can help: We will appreciate the help of other members of the ACM in Prayer for the ongoing process and bless the overall budget of the tower building of Radio Messenger and can help us create and develop Radio Messenger website.
Contact: Clemente Nicolaus Matimba,