Services we offer

The Association of Christian Media’s vision is to extend God’s Kingdom and inspire, serve and support Christian media in Southern Africa.

The ACM strives to be a unifying force that fosters efficient, effective and sustainable Christian media organizations and a greater representation of the Christian worldview within secular media.

The ACM is a non-profit organization with over 120 members. Our members come from all sectors of the media industry: radio, print, television, electronic, church and individuals involved in secular media.

If you are a Christian working in a Christian or secular environment you cannot afford not to be a member of the ACM. We need you and you need us!



Founded in 1994 the ACM is affiliated to the National Association of Broadcasters (SA), the Fellowship of European Broadcasters, Christian Media Australia, National Religious Broadcasters (USA)

  • The ACM offers you opportunities to participate in Conferences, Training courses and networking events
  • The ACM is a platform to pool resources, expertise and ideas with other members
  • We offer technical assistance to all forms of media
  • A newsletter is circulated with information about our members as well as advice
  • We link church media departments and support them in their media endeavours



We would like you to partner with us as we extend God’s Kingdom through Christian media.

  • Your knowledge and expertise can benefit our members.
  • Your knowledge in specific areas can benefit ACM members through training.
  • You can write articles or contribute resources for download on our website.
  • If you produce content, whether it be programming or articles, it could be a valuable resource for our members.