About Us

What is the Association of Christian Media?

The ACM is a non-profit network of Christian media organisations that share a vision of reaching people with the Gospel. It is a platform for those involved in Christian media to pool resources, expertise and ideas for the purpose of uplifting each other. The ACM offers its members the unique chance to support and be supported by each other.

The ACM was founded in 1994, for the purpose of supporting Christian Broadcasters. Last year the name (formerly the Association of Christian Broadcasters) was changed to reflect a growing number of print and electronic media members and also to accommodate the vision to include Christian individuals who work in secular media and church media departments. The ACM currently has over 60 members.

Who can become a member?

  • Christian Media (print, electronic, radio, television, content providers)
  • Christian individuals in secular media
  • Churches that have media departments

We help all of our members by:

  • Offering opportunities to participate in Conferences, Training courses and networking events. A highlight is our annual conference at which the ACM provides training and opportunities for fellowship.
  • Affiliation to South African and international media organisations through the ACM such as National Association of Broadcasters (South Africa), Fellowship of European Broadcasters (Europe), Christian Media Australia (Australia), National Religious Broadcasters (USA) etc.
  • A newsletter is sent twice a month to all ACM members. The newsletter highlights what ACM members have been involved with, achievements and points of need. The newsletter also offers articles that contain business advice, media specific advice and updates from the South African Department of Communications and ICASA. Relevant and up-to-date news articles are also included.
  • The ACM’s new website offers members a large amount of resources, articles on Christian topics, Christian programming, information on the South African Department of Communications and ICASA and much more.

What does the ACM offer radio broadcasters, television, print, electronic media and content providers?

The ACM offers all of its members the opportunity to connect and network with each other. We facilitate training of members by other members and sometimes offer consultants who are not part of the ACM at a reasonable cost.

In the past the ACM has offered technical assistance to radio broadcasters. This will be extended to offer technical assistance to all forms of media. This will be done by connecting members who have the technical knowledge with the members who need assistance.

For radio and television broadcasters the ACM offers legal advice about broadcasting requirements.

The ACM offers the following services to radio broadcasters specifically:

  • Advice and assistance with radio license applications
  • Programmes and music for broadcasting

What does the ACM offer churches?

In the past the ACM has mostly focused on media in the traditional sense in the past (eg. TV, print, radio and electronic). The ACM now realises that media, as used by the church, plays a vital role in our society and in communicating the gospel. It is a need to support churches in their media endeavours which has led to membership being opened up to them.

The ACM envision that churches will be able to share technology, expertise and resources with each other. Church media departments can learn from each other, and there is the potential for them to work together to negotiate cheaper rates for copyright payments etc. There will be opportunities for shared web-sites, and for website design and expertise, as well as ideas on how to use media for evangelism, teaching & discipleship. Working together, church media departments can encourage one another and learn from each other.

What does the ACM offer Christian individuals in secular media?

The ACM offers the opportunity for Christians working in any part of secular media to connect with other Christians in the same position and to connect with our other members. The aim is to uplift them through networking with other Christians and providing resources that offer a biblical perspective on relevant media topics. The first year of membership is free for these members.

How can you help the ACM?

Do you have knowledge or expertise in an area of media? Then you can help!

-      Training: If you have expert knowledge in an area we can connect you with members who may benefit from your knowledge and facilitate training.

-      Resources: We offer resources on our website for our members to download. If you would like to share your knowledge in the form of an article, video or sound bite we would be most appreciative.

-      Content: If you produce content (radio or TV programmes, articles, graphics etc.) and would like to share it with Christian Media we can offer your content for download on our website.

Visit our website,, to learn more about us or contact Natalie Turco .