Cost effective social media training for ministries and churches.

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TEACH: Teach the leaders of your organisation how to manage their social media and to pay attention to their personal profiles and online behaviour.

REACH: Use social media to reach your audience, be it the youth, those in need, business people, donors, etc.

CONNECT: Social media is a great communication tool that allows you to keep in contact with your members, supporters and followers. Learn how to use social media to communicate more effectively.

Presenter: Japie Swanepoel – Founder of Digital4Christ
Digital4Christ empowering Christian leaders to spread the Gospel through Social Media. We have a passion for the Internet and Social Media and would like to share this with all Christians a like. We believe it to be a strong tool that should be used to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
Therefore we encourage, empower and assist Christians to get their churches and organizations involved in this phenomenon called the Internet and Social Media.

Date: 14 March 2017
Time: 08h30 to 12h30
Venue: TWR Africa (San Croy Business Park, Die Agora Road, Kempton Park, Johannesburg)
Cost: R250 per person
SPECIAL RATES APPLY TO 5 OR MORE ATTENDEES Please email Natalie Turco: for details.
Includes coffee/tea and refreshments
Booking closes on the 07th of March 2017
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Date: 15 March 2017
Time: 08h30 to 12h30
Venue: Radio Pulpit (42 Jacobus Street, Kilner Park, Pretoria)
Cost: R250 per person
SPECIAL RATES APPLY TO 5 OR MORE ATTENDEES Please email Natalie Turco: for details.
Includes coffee/tea and refreshments
Booking closes on the 08th of March 2017
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Date: 16 March 2017
Venue: Sarepta Church (11 Old Main Road, Gillitts, Durban)
Cost: R250 per person
SPECIAL RATES APPLY TO 5 OR MORE ATTENDEES Please email Natalie Turco:  for details.
Includes coffee/tea and refreshments
Booking closes on the 09th of March 2017
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Cape Town
Date: 28 March 2017
Time: 08h30 to 12h30
Venue: CCFM (146 Main Road, Muizenberg, Cape Town)
Cost: R250 per person
SPECIAL RATES APPLY TO 5 OR MORE ATTENDEES Please email Natalie Turco: for details.
Includes coffee/tea and refreshments
Booking closes on the 22nd of March 2017
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Port Elizabeth
Time: 08h30 to 12h30
Venue: Fathers House Church – The Connection Lounge (30 Paterson Road, North End, Port Elizabeth)
Cost: R250 per person
SPECIAL RATES APPLY TO 5 OR MORE ATTENDEES Please email Natalie Turco: for details.
Includes coffee/tea and refreshments
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Rudie van Heerden

Dear ACM Members,

For many of us the year 2016 will be remembered as “the year of storms”, a time in either your personal life or ministry that things just didn’t go as expected, taking a turn for the worst instead of for the better. For some it was a matter of one, but for others there were multiple storms and some may even find themselves amidst such a storm at this present moment. Nowadays there is a tendency in the church and with believers that storms are always the evidence of evil resistance against our lives, work and ministry, but in the book of Jonah, chapter 1, we read of Jonah facing such an unexpected storm, and in verse 4 “But the Lord sent out a great wind on the sea, and there was a mighty tempest.....”. Now it is important to understand why the Lord did this. From Scripture it is clear that the Lord’s intention was not to harm Jonah and those with him, but to correct Jonah.  “So Jonah arose and went to Nineveh, according to the word of the Lord....” (Jonah 3:3).

From my experience with the storms in my life and ministry I’ve learned that storms have significant value:

-  It makes us aware of our own inability and God’s ability (We need God more than we think we do)

- It stops us in our tracks (prevents us from going further astray)

- It silences our own clever arguments (emphasises our own lack of understanding)

- It creates within us a new willingness to listen and obey (a desire to submit to the will of God)

- It brings about a change of direction (obediently moving in God’s appointed direction)

As we rapidly move towards the end of 2016 it is our desire and prayer that each and every ACM member will be able to successfully sail out of the storms of 2016 and enter calm waters in 2017, as Christian media steer obediently in the direction the Lord is divinely indicating.

Wishing you all a merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year


(On behalf of the ACM Board of Directors)

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 5 minutes with 



YOUR VISION: NetDynamix was founded on a vision to be the most cost effective and full turnkey Radio Services Provider in Africa expanding a station or ministry’s ability to broadcast the Word of God to as many people as possible.

WHAT DO YOU DO: We’re currently preferred service provider to some 110 broadcasters around South Africa and up into Africa with a view to double this in the next 3 years. Our focus has and always will be Community Radio while providing services to a number of large Commercials to prove our capability.

Being full turnkey, we can assist with Building a Studio (from nothing) right through to installing/maintaining your FM transmitter and ANYTHING in between. Our Live Audio Streaming Service (which comes with FREE Smartphone apps branded for your station) is by far our most popular service.

DATE FIRST ESTABLISHED: We began trading in 2003 but were formally established as a company in 2006 based in Johannesburg and opening a Western Cape branch early 2016.

CONTACT: 010 035 0315 or on

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KINGFISHER FM CELEBRATES 21ST BIRTHDAY - Nelson Mandela Bay Christian radio station Kingfisher FM this week celebrated 21 years of broadcasting.

“Kingfisher FM has so much to be grateful for and so many people to thank from one of the founders Manie Steyn to current head of our board Wouter van der Westhuizen. In short we cannot count the amount of people that have believed in and given generously of their time, talent and finances to our station,” said station manager Alan Ahlfeldt in a press release. Read more>

Life FM


LIFE FM's AMAZING STORY - Need some encouragement? Read Life FM's amazing testimony of how God Provided for Life FM. Read more>



email=">Joy Magazine Newsletter>

Focus on the Family


Focus on the Family Newsletter>

hand-977641 1280-copy BRC RAMS SHOW STABLE TRENDS FOR RADIO -Radio is still showing robust and stable measurement in South Africa, the Broadcast Research Council of South Africa (BRC) said as they released their November 2016 RAM presentation. The presentation covers Q3 July – September and BRC presented the comparison of six months rolling: January – June vs. April – September as well as nine months rolling, to show the sample building up over the year. Read more> The Media Online
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RADIO IN THE CAR: POPULAR EVERYWHERE - Industry body Commercial Radio Australia released some new data this week about radio in the car. Unsurprisingly for radio, it’s good news: radio accounts for 80% of all audio listened-to in the car. Pandora, Spotify and Apple Music total just 3% of time spent listening, and “other audio”, which contains podcasting and internet radio, is 5%.

Is this a truly Australian thing? It turns out that it isn’t. Read More> The Media Online

thumbnail 2-631x450 HOW TO FIND YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA VOICE - Finding your authentic voice in social media isn’t that different from traditional media. I had a client once who was a TV host. The problem was, as soon as the red light came on the camera, he became a completely different person. His voice got deeper. His style became bigger. He was more over the top. The problem was – that wasn’t him. Even his friends would tell him, “Stop using your TV voice.” Read more> Phil Cooke
Print E-MAIL MARKETING FOR PRINT - What are some email marketing tactics to reach your audience with content they want and use? Learn how to promote your publication with one of the best and cheapest marketing options. Read More> MTI
Creativity CREATIVITY AND CHRISTIANITY: HOW TO MAKE A LIVING WHILE DOING BOTH - Creativity is amongst the greatest driving forces of society. Within its laws exists a place where all can express their fullest selves without the oppressions of race, gender, or class. It is in this place of creativity where all personal development takes place. All advancement of personal philosophy, theology, and identity is a manifestation of an innate and divine desire for creativity. Read more> Christian Media Magazine
Hollywood WHY CHRISTIANS SHOULD NOT MAKE “CHRISTIAN” FILMS! - If  I’m honest, I know that I’m not the best producer or director out there, and I may never be. So, when I made my first feature film, my main motivation behind it was to show other Christians how to make a film that was not a ‘Christian film’, but rather a good story, told well, with a Christian influence. In my film there are no, or little mentions of God, church, and no mention of Jesus. Read more> Josh Reid

ACM CONFERENCE 2017: SAVE THE DATE - The ACM Conference 2017 will be taking place on the 16th, 17th and 18th of May 2017 in Durban. So make sure to save the date!

We will have the honor of having Josh Reid join us as a key note speaker all the way from Australia. Read more about Josh>

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