Board Members

Danie du Preez - ACM Chairman

DanieTWR-SA - National Director

What do you do?: As leader it is my priority to equip, assist and encourage staff to be able to fulfil their calling within the ministry of TWR-SA in line with our vision: Through media ministry TWR makes disciples to transform communities.

Where did you grow up?: I grew up in Witbank on a farm outside town. Here I attended primary and high school.

Your journey with God: I studies theology at the University of Pretoria. I finished my studies in 1990 and the Lord opened the door to do post graduate studies in ancient languages. In 2000 the Lord introduced me to the ministry of TWR where I still serve. It is such a privilege to be involved in the amazing and diverse world of media. Running has been part of my life for many years and I also enjoy mountain biking. As worship leader of our congregation I enjoy expressing my relationship with the Lord through music.

One thing you are passionate about: Experiencing the power of the Gospel as it transforms the lives of individuals when they reach out to Jesus Christ in their hopelessness and despair. And to then assist and equip them as they grow as authentic disciples.

What is your view of the ACM?: The ACM is the vehicle God wants to continually and exponentially use to impact our country with His truth. He entrusted media to us to be the His voice – boldly and unashamedly. The Lord also highly values when His children work in unity and sincerity to extend His Kingdom beyond their own agendas.


Rudie van Heerden - ACM Vice-Chairman

Rudie PhotoActive for Jesus Media Mission/Wooma Net Radio - Founder & CEO / Media Missionary / Programme Producer

What do you do: Producer/presenter of the weekly radio-half hour VOETSTAPPE / FOOTSTEPS, as well as development- and content manager for Wooma.Net. I serve on the management team of TOWER OF LIFE, a shelter for the homeless in Krugersdorp CBD.

Where did You Grow Up: Pretoria

Your Journey with God: My journey started in the Christian home I grew up in. After I completed my studies I joined SABC Radio in Pretoria and later relocated to SABC TV in Auckland Park. In 1983 I joined the team of pioneers that started Bop TV and M-Net (1987). End 1989 I joined SABC Training as Manager: TV Training. During this time I completed my Theological studies and founded Active for Jesus Media Mission in April 1995.

One thing you are passionate about: Creativity + media + the Lord. It is the combination I am passionate about.

What is your view of the ACM: An ideal and necessary platform for bringing creative Christians in media together in unity and support towards a united purpose for the glory of God.


Velly Bosega

VB Pic 2

AdClick Africa - CEO/Founder
What do you do: I am the Founder & CEO of Adclick Africa Media Group. I am also a Senior Pastor of Arise and Shine Community Church in Cosmo City. 
Where did You Grow Up: I grew up in Limpopo in a village called Ga-Madiba, part of a small town called Mokopane. 
Your Journey with God: I received the Lord at the age of 12 when I was in standard five. It was at this age and time that I realized my calling into the ministry. After the Evangelist who preached to us had left town, I decided to call on few students, and I began to preach to them, the Lord was working mightily and many students were getting saved everday. The student's church service grew to over 200 students every week, from then I have never looked back. I live to serve and worship our Lord Jesus Christ
One thing you are passionate about: I am passionate about building media brands and establishing new business ventures. 
What is your view of the ACM: It's a platform that connects and build the Christian Broadcaters in order to fullfil their God given mandade.
Solomon Izang Ashoms

SolomonPassion for Sport - Publisher/Radio & TV Presenter/Blogger

What do you do: I am the publisher of Parable Magazine (, a lifestyle magazine based on Christian values. It covers issues around leadership relationships, family, discipleship, music etc. I am also a radio presenter and producer for UK based Passion For Sport radio agency and the BBC. I blog a lot on Solomon Izang Ashoms and

Where did You Grow Up: I grew up in Jos, Northern Nigeria before moving to Abuja the capital city of Nigeria

Your Journey with God: I come from a Christian home and accepted the Lord many times before finally accepting him in 1999. Since then I have done missions with YWAM and studied with a Christian university.

One thing you are passionate about: SportsWhat is your view of the ACM: ACM is the perfect platform for media owners and practitioners to come together educate, support and encourage each other in order to influence Africa for Jesus.


Gerda Snyman

IMG00269 20120228 1700Campus Crusade for Christ South Africa - Communications Team Leader

What do you do: I am responsible for internal and external communications at CCC including the website, social media and publishing of our materials.

Where did You Grow Up: I grew up in Potchefstroom.

Your Journey with God: I grew up in a Christian home, but decided to live an independent life from my parents and also from God after I finished university. After some tough times, I realised that I cannot live my life without a Saviour and committed my life anew to Him. I resigned my job with the government and joined CCCSA almost 15 years ago, first as a missionary amongst diplomats and professionals and later as the Communications Team Leader.

One thing you are passionate about: Preparing and serving good food!

What is your view of the ACM: I see the ACM as a platform where we as Christians together through different media, can influence public opinion, impact peoples’ lives and create a network of media professionals who might stand together in unity to glorify God.


Bonginkosi Moyo-Bango

252584 2088423255348 1696510 nMethodist Church of Southern Africa - Communications Director

What do you do: I am the Communications Director for the Methodist Church of Southern Africa and the editor of the New Dimension monthly Methodist newspaper

Where did You Grow Up: I grew up in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe

Your Journey with God: I accepted the Lord in 1993 and my journey with Him has had many highs and some lows- it hasn’t been boring. I believe that I am called to work through the church or Christian organisations to influence change.

One thing you are passionate about: Reading and music

What is your view of the ACM: It is a strategic Christian organisation with immeasurable potential to influence and change the media landscape and promote a Christian agenda through an amplified Christian voice.


Karel Verhoef

375285 337829606230469 1464623976 nRadio Pulpit - Chief Operations Officer

What do you do: I am responsible to make the whole business unit, Radio Pulpit, work as part of the Pulpit Media Group. This means all the programming-, marketing-, personnel-, visibility projects and all other matters normally associated with a radio station.

Where did You Grow Up: I grew up in Pretoria, in a suburb called Meyers Park, and attended Silverton High school. I also studied at Tukkies after school. The only time I did not stay in Pretoria was the 3 years that I stayed in Cape Town for post degree studies.

Your Journey with God: It started at a “school leavers” camp in Matric, and then I went to study Theology to become a pastor. Along the way God showed me other areas in life where He wanted me to work and get equipped. That is how I landed up in Christian media, Christian music, and management in general.

One thing you are passionate about: I am passionate about making an impact. I normally do not participate nor take part in anything if I am not making a significant impact. I am also very passionate about music, with piano as my main instrument, and 5 others screaming for attention. I am so fortunate to be the music director at my church.

What is your view of the ACM: The ACM is an important organisation, for it gives people in Christian media a place where they can belong, get inspired, fellowship, and be equipped for excellence in their workplace and for the Kingdom.



Natalie Turco

1932410 10152187906476991 6499603919048622898 nWhat do you do: I work as a freelance co-ordinator and administrator for the ACM.

Where did You Grow Up: I grew up in Johannesburg until I was 10 and then I moved to Durban where I still live now.

Your Journey with God: I grew up in a Christian home and have been a Christian since I was very young. It has been an exciting journey with many nail biting moments! Over the years God has become so precious to me as He reveals His goodness and faithfulness to me over and over again.

One thing you are passionate about: I am passionate about spreading hope, and that makes me passionate about Christian media. I thoroughly enjoy the work I do in supporting those that spread the message of hope and make a difference in our world. In my spare time I am passionate about being creative and decorating my home.

What is your view of the ACM: Media is a very powerful tool for good and evil, in God’s hands media will transform lives, communities and nations. The ACM provides a platform on which Christian media can work in unity to support eachother and strengthen eachother as we all work towards the same goal of extending the Kingdom of God.